12.10 Informal Creative Crop - Challenges

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12.10 Informal Creative Crop - Challenges

Post by jessicabree on Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:14 am

Okay since a lot of you are from Scrapfreak this will not be new to you but here is how this informal crop will work:

  1. The idea is to scrapbook at home, but come on here for a few challenges and to chat and be encouraged!
  2. We are inviting members to post challenges this time. I ask that you only post a challenge that you would want to do to yourself (meaning make it fun, challenging, but not impossible).
  3. When you post your challenge, include when its due.
  4. No prizes/RAK's required, but if you decide you want to do one PLEASE be sure you are willing to take the time to mail it in a reasonable period. If you really want to do a RAK but worry about mailing it, consider doing something small like a $5 online gift card.
  5. Please wait to post your challenges until Friday. Anytime Friday is up to you.

Have fun!

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