MIA for a bit

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MIA for a bit

Post by cherB on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:12 pm

I'm so frustrated. My laptop really needed some maintenance as it is almost 2 years old, so before leaving for vacation, we took it into the shop. Asked them to fix a few hardware issues and add some more RAM to it. They are not sure they can add more RAM to my motherboard and won't know until it gets back into the shop b/c they had to send it out for the hardware repairs. I can't believe how fast technology is completely outdated. I'm really going to look into Best Buys new buyback program and start looking at costs of getting new laptop every other year (or less). Someone really needs to start leasing these things so we can just trade them in for an updated model for those of us that really use them for everything and have a ton of software on them.

Ok, so now I'm just venting.

Unfortunately, it is a pain to use my dd laptop and I don't want to be using my work desktop to be surfing the internet, so I'll be MIA until my laptop issues are resoloved.

I'm not bailing out, Bree. Wink


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Re: MIA for a bit

Post by jessicabree on Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:32 pm

Glad you warned us Cher! lol

I am sorry about your laptop! It does stink. I have a MacBook Pro and I feel like Mac's hold up better over time, but I still find myself wanting a new laptop frequently since they keep making them so much better each year!

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